Healthy Halloween!

Planning on indulging in candy on Halloween? Make that night count as one of your two (2) “cheat meals” for the week. Do not let a bit of candy turn into a week (or two) binge that results in your missing out on your usually healthy meal pattern.

Ingredients for Life #64: Tracking Food and Exercise

Romy explains what information needs to go on a food log to be able to effectively adjust your eating habits to get the best results.

Listener Questions: Mike from Minnesota calls in to ask if perhaps our “bad” food habits might stem from societal changes, from back when most people were working more physically demanding jobs.

Ingredients for Life #58: There’s Something About Sugar

Romy and Michael were impressed by a lecture/talk about sugar and how it affects diet and health given by Dr Robert Lustig, how it’s the fructose that is causing the increases in body fat, causing insulin resistance and other symptoms.

His information and research indicates that sugar is an addictive substance, and that the food industry should start to treat it more seriously, just like an addiction to alcohol because it meets the four criteria: bingeing, craving, withdrawal and cross-sensitization.

Ingredients For Life #51: Dr Joan Mathews Larson

This week’s special guest is author and founder of the Health Recovery Center Dr Joan Mathews Larson. She has pioneered successful treatment for alcohol addiction by combining nutrition with biochemical treatments as a way of treating deficiencies in the brain that are the likely underlying causes of addiction.

Ingredients for Life #43: Tracking Your Progress

Lorrie joins Mike and Romy to give an update on her weight loss progress, and she admits to slacking in her food logging, so Romy gives some tips on how to get back into the habit of good, accurate food logging.