Ingredients for Life #71: Timing Meals and Workouts

This week, Romy and Michael talk about how meal timing affects physical performance, and Romy grills Mike on his food logging absent-mindedness.

Romy gives some tips on what to eat and the best things to eat before a workout, and how to balance the proteins and carbs before and after to get the best results.

Ingredients for Life #69: Encouraging Success with Realistic Goals

This week, Romy and Michael talk about how many people may be self-sabotaging their lifestyle changes by setting unrealistic goals, such as losing a large amount of weight in a short period of time.

The best way to achieve sustained progress is to make small changes and give them enough time to become habit, then move on to the next set of small changes.

Ingredients for Life #55: Protein, Exercise and Calories

This week, Romy checks in to hold Michael accountable for his exercise levels.

Regular exercise can have a major impact on your body’s ability to burn more calories, and Romy runs down the difference between a sedentary person and an active person, taking into account a number of factors: age, height, weight, body composition (muscle mass), and daily activity levels.

Romy recommends using the online tool Calories Per Hour to calculate how many calories per day you should be consuming to maintain a target bodyweight based on your body size and activity levels.

Ingredients For Life Video #4: The Power of Protein


In this recent Arizona Midday segment, Romy talks about the importance of protein in your diet, for overall health as well as for healthy weight loss.

Ingredients for Life #41: Breakfast and Protein

In this episode, Romy and Michael talk about the importance of protein in nutrition, how important it is to have protein with breakfast, and how important breakfast is to the body and functioning physically and mentally for the day.

They also talk again about the importance of keeping track of inches rather than pounds when losing weight and getting fit, and the power of before and after photos in helping document your progress.

Ingredients for Life #21: Eating Routines

In this episode, Romy, Michael and Lorrie talk about getting back into a healthy routine after falling out of the habit for a little while, and about jumpstarting/shocking your body out of an eating or exercise routine plateau.

Romy and Lorrie also talk about the challenges facing people with strenuous schedules, and how to schedule 5-6 meals per day in and around such a busy day.

Ingredients for Life #19: Listener Questions

In this episode, Romy touches on the importance of preserving lean muscle mass while losing fat, and how exercise helps mitigate the effects of stressors present in your life.

Plus, Romy and Michael respond to the many questions sent in by YOU, via emails and voicemails!

Ingredients for Life #18: Choosing Your Foods

In this episode, Romy and Michael start off with a question from the live audience asking for some information on the story behind the egg whites/egg yolks debate.

Later, one of Romy’s clients, Melinda, shares the story of her weight loss journey, and how she’s been able to stay successful progressing towards her goals. She elaborates on meal planning for herself and her family, food costs, about the experiment she ran on pricing healthy foods vs “regular” foods, and more.

Romy Recommends: Nutrition Bars

Romy prefers nutrition and protein bars that do not contain gluten or soy, so here’s a list of products that she recommends for her clients and uses for her own nutritional needs.

Ingredients for Life #16: David Ingalls, Zing Bars

In this episode, Romy chats with David Ingalls, registered dietician and co-founder of Zing Bars (Romy’s favorite bar!)

David tells the story of how Zing bars came into being, in terms of developing the nutrition bars, being aware of food allergies when creating their products (making sure they don’t include gluten, corn syrup, and other products).