Ingredients for Life #83: The Dark Side of Personal Training

This week, Romy and Michael welcome in-studio guest certified personal trainer Cameron Bradford, who talks about the dark side of personal training, including how the unrealistic expectations of some clients can become stressful for the trainers.

Ingredients for Life #77: Listener Progress Reports

This week, Romy and Michael talk about Michael’s injury and upcoming surgery, and respond to an email from Facebook listener Patty, and a voicemail from listener Christine.

Ingredients for Life #73: Goal Setting Self-Sabotage?

Discussion: Are the ways you set your fitness and weight loss goals actually sabotaging you before you being?

Romy talks about how to word your goals, in thought and in writing, so that they are measurable and accountable so they will work for you instead of against you.

Ingredients for Life #71: Timing Meals and Workouts

This week, Romy and Michael talk about how meal timing affects physical performance, and Romy grills Mike on his food logging absent-mindedness.

Romy gives some tips on what to eat and the best things to eat before a workout, and how to balance the proteins and carbs before and after to get the best results.

Ingredients for Life #52: Motivation and Inspiration

This week, Romy, Michael and guest Ashley talk about the keys to motivation, how to get yourself motivated without relying on external validations, and maintaining that focus throughout the entire process and keep it going as part of the lifestyle change.

Sometimes, having all of the tools and knowledge at hand isn’t quite enough. Expectations around instant gratification or quick results, wanting to lose the weight as fast as or faster than it was gained, and any number of other emotional states can cause people to lose focus or lose faith in the process can also have profound affects.

Find a way inside yourself to keep going.

Ingredients for Life #28: Exercise, Enjoyment and Motivation

In this episode, Romy, Michael and Lorrie talk about exercise — getting started, finding something you enjoy, staying motivated to maintain a routine, and more.

Next, Tony Mast, host of the Tony’s Losing It podcast, joins Romy, Michael and Lorrie to talk about his personal weight loss journey and his podcast about that journey.

Ingredients For Life #2: Changing Those Habits

In this episode, Romy talks with Michael and Jeffrey about the effects of stimulants (coffee and caffeine) on the body and on maintaining weight and fitness levels, and other eating and exercise habits that people try to change and sometimes aren’t successful accomplishing.

Being in the moment is making the change in that moment. Modifying your behavior comes down to taking an extra moment and making a conscious choice to not eat that extra piece of pizza, or that pint of ice cream, or that extra large order of fries.