Ingredients for Life #85: Stress Eating and Making Changes

This week, Romy and Michael talk about the effect stress has on eating for people, and how to better manage that stress without turning to food, or overindulging because of holiday pressures.

Romy also lists her techniques for implementing affirmations to deal with managing stresses from negative self-talk and guilt from overeating.

Ingredients for Life #83: The Dark Side of Personal Training

This week, Romy and Michael welcome in-studio guest certified personal trainer Cameron Bradford, who talks about the dark side of personal training, including how the unrealistic expectations of some clients can become stressful for the trainers.

Ingredients for Life #69: Encouraging Success with Realistic Goals

This week, Romy and Michael talk about how many people may be self-sabotaging their lifestyle changes by setting unrealistic goals, such as losing a large amount of weight in a short period of time.

The best way to achieve sustained progress is to make small changes and give them enough time to become habit, then move on to the next set of small changes.

Ingredients for Life #68: Maintaining Metabolism

This week, Romy, Michael and Lorrie talk about the importance of the mind-body connection, and some of the things you can do to focus your mind on the goal you want to achieve, be it muscle gain, fat loss, or some combination of both.

Ingredients for Life #46: Rebuilding After Weightloss

First, Romy and Michael chat about lifestyle changes, keeping and sustaining them, especially when you’re out and about; and also about rebuilding muscle and strength after losing the fat.

Next, Romy reads an email from Nick about the tips he’s been able to successfully apply to his life and lifestyle.

Ingredients for Life #42: The Importance of Attitude

Romy and Michael talk about the important roles happiness and attitude play when you’re embarking on a new weight loss or fitness journey. The psychological impacts of your personal comfort foods, dealing with life events without leaning on those comfort foods to cope, and viewing weight loss as a task instead of a lifestyle path, all of those can be affected by your attitude.

Ingredients for Life #34: Weightloss Journey Stories

Romy and Michael talk with one of Romy’s workplace wellness clients, Nicole Campbell, about her amazing weightloss journey. Between several health concerns and food allergies, Nicole realized that she had to make some radical changes in order to acheive the permanent weight loss goals she wanted.

Ingredients for Life #29: Natasha Williams and Chris Thompson

In this episode, guests Chris Thompson and Natasha Williams join Romy and Michael to talk about being fitness instructors, the importance of natural bodybuilding, the importance of attaining a balance within in order to acheive better bodies, and more.

Ingredients for Life #25: Managing Life Challenges

In this episode, Romy and Michael talk about several ways to recognize and handle the stresses of life challenges when you’re facing them, instead of just falling back into bad eating habits, or falling into emotional eating traps as a coping mechanism.

Ingredients for Life #22: Cheat Meals and Mindful Eating

In this episode, Romy, Michael and Lorrie talk about fitting cheat meals into your new eating habits, how important they can be, and how not to let a cheat meal slide into becoming a fall off the new eating lifestyle.