Ingredients for Life #77: Listener Progress Reports

This week, Romy and Michael talk about Michael’s injury and upcoming surgery, and respond to an email from Facebook listener Patty, and a voicemail from listener Christine.

Ingredients for Life #76: Weightloss Journeys: Gail’s Story

This week, Romy and Michael talk with Gail about the path she’s taken for weight loss and healthier eating habits, including working with Romy, following Weight Watchers plans, and how her progress has inspired her to want to help fight the increasing trends of childhood obesity.

Ingredients for Life #75: Weightloss Journeys: Grace’s Story

This week, Romy and Michael talk with Grace about her history as a competitive athlete, her later struggles with injury and weight gain and her progress back towards fitness and weight loss.

Ingredients for Life #70: Lifestyle Challenges: Bonnie’s Update

This week, Bonnie returns with an update on her progress since she was a guest on the show a year ago.

2011 has presented a new physical challenge for her, and the steps she’s taking to continue to manage this and help herself by helping her doctors understand better what’s going on with her.

Ingredients for Life #54: Weightloss Journey: Danny’s Story

Romy and Michael chat with Danny from Australia for an update on his fitness and weight loss progress. He talks about what spurred his desire for a lifestyle change, the challenges he faces because of his blindness, and the more recent challenges of injuries and rebound weight gain.

He’s been working his way back from a broken jaw, and injury that caused him to lose a lot of weight too quickly, followed by another spill that affected his ability to train and how that threw him off track for a little while.

Ingredients for Life #34: Weightloss Journey Stories

Romy and Michael talk with one of Romy’s workplace wellness clients, Nicole Campbell, about her amazing weightloss journey. Between several health concerns and food allergies, Nicole realized that she had to make some radical changes in order to acheive the permanent weight loss goals she wanted.

Ingredients for Life #32: Weightloss Journey Stories

Danny, a listener in Australia, talks about the weightloss journey he and his wife — both of whom are blind — have gone on, the lifestyle changes they’ve made, the exercise routines they’ve tried, and how much weight they’ve lost so far.

Ingredients for Life #28: Exercise, Enjoyment and Motivation

In this episode, Romy, Michael and Lorrie talk about exercise — getting started, finding something you enjoy, staying motivated to maintain a routine, and more.

Next, Tony Mast, host of the Tony’s Losing It podcast, joins Romy, Michael and Lorrie to talk about his personal weight loss journey and his podcast about that journey.