Ingredients for Life #82: Michael’s Radical Diet Changes

This week, Romy evaluates Michael’s recent changes he’s had to make in his diet because of the adjustments he made while recuperating from his hernia surgery, and how much better he and Lorrie have been feeling after having eliminated soy, corn, and red meats from their diet entirely.

Ingredients for Life #81: Dr. Daniel Rubin, Naturopathic Oncologist

This week, Romy and Michael welcome naturopathic oncologist Dr Daniel Rubin in studio to talk about naturopathic approaches to treating cancer.

Ingredients for Life #59: Busting Healthy Eating Excuses

This week, Romy and Michael break down a popular excuse for not eating healthy. The “excuse” that people can’t eat healthy because they’re either too busy with kids, or because healthy foods are more expensive is one Romy hears quite frequently from clients.

This problem also extends to affecting families, because the bad eating habits are being unconsciously taught to the kids, setting up patterns that might affect them for the rest of their lives.

Ingredients for Life #47: Diets: What Works, What Doesn’t

Romy and Michael discuss the popular diet plans, what about them draws people in, and especially what works and what doesn’t.

The main thing they all have in common is that they adhere to starvation style techniques to help people achieve fast results, but aren’t sustainable over the long term.

They also talk about some of the best tactics for sustained, healthy weight loss.

Ingredients for Life #43: Tracking Your Progress

Lorrie joins Mike and Romy to give an update on her weight loss progress, and she admits to slacking in her food logging, so Romy gives some tips on how to get back into the habit of good, accurate food logging.

Ingredients for Life #37: Hormone Health for Men

In this episode, Dr Judith Ingalls returns to talk about hypogonadism, and the various ways it affects men (adropause) and women (menopause), and how that in turn can affect health and fitness.

In men, the process can start around age 30 and starts to affect them more slowly over a longer period of time, impacting how well they can build muscle and their fatigue levels.

Ingredients for Life #36: Healthy Digestion

In this episode, David Ingalls, co-founder and CEO of Zing Bars, discusses about how “modern living” is contributing to many of the health challenges facing people today. Romy, Michael and David talk about higher stress, toxic burden and digestive failings, and how those may be contributing to the problems exacerbated by food intolerances.

Proper gut health is affected by poor nutitrion and poor digestion, and David and Romy talk about how the digestion process works, and what you can do to support and even improve gut health and clean digestion.

Ingredients for Life #33: Dr O on Adrenal Health

In this episode, Romy and Michael talk again with Dr. Oddveig Myhre (featured in IFL #7 and IFL #8) returns to explain the importance of adrenals and their impact on the body’s overall health.

Ingredients for Life #26: Hormones and Health

Romy and Michael will take calls from listeners to answer questions! Today, Tory has questions about what supplements can be used for thyroid support, metabolic support, helping to clear toxins and more.

Ingredients for Life #24: Managing Lifestyle Challenges

In this episode, Romy, Michael and Lorrie talk about connections between food and emotional triggers, and the changes that the “ah-ha” moments can bring about.

They also chat with one of Romy’s clients, Bonnie, about how she manages and maintains her healthy lifestyle while also managing Type 2 Diabetes entirely with diet and exercise.