Ingredients for Life #59: Busting Healthy Eating Excuses

This week, Romy and Michael break down a popular excuse for not eating healthy. The “excuse” that people can’t eat healthy because they’re either too busy with kids, or because healthy foods are more expensive is one Romy hears quite frequently from clients.

This problem also extends to affecting families, because the bad eating habits are being unconsciously taught to the kids, setting up patterns that might affect them for the rest of their lives.

Ingredients for Life #57: Busy People Can Also Eat Better

This week, Jeffrey Willerth joins Romy and Michael again to revisit the questions has has about why Jeffrey looks good first thing in the morning, and appears to look more bloated by the end of the day.

In addition to differences in hydration and sodium consumption, the body changes could be the result of food intolerances, and the best way to figure out what might be the culprit it to accurately food log your intake.

Ingredients for Life #56: David Ingalls, CEO of Zing Bars

This week, Dave Ingalls, CEO of Zing Bars joins Romy and Michael to talk about the importance of maintaining safe, healthy blood sugar levels.

David and Romy talk about the importance breakfast plays in setting your blood sugar standard for the day, and how to avoid that “roller coaster” spikes and lows of your blood sugar during the day.

Eating enough fiber and protein every day can help your body safely burn off that extra glucose from carbs.

Ingredients for Life #53: Romy’s Top Ten Excuses

This week, Romy and Michael discuss Romy’s “Top Ten” excuses she’s heard as to why people don’t eat healthier or exercise more!

Romy and Lorrie also chat about using bee pollen to help alleviate symptoms of spring allergy season, and the best time to start using to mitigate the severity of stuffiness and sneezing.

Ingredients For Life #49: Food and Family

Romy and Michael talk about how ultimately, you can really only prepare food and eat for yourself, and it’s okay if the entire family eats differently from each other. Everyone doesn’t eat the exact same foods when eating out at a restaurant, so expecting everyone to eat all same at home is counterintuitive.

Ingredients for Life Video #3: Guilt-Free Snacking


This is a recent Arizona Midday segment features Romy talking about healthier ways to snack, and improve your weight loss progress at the same time.

Ingredients For Life #48: Weightloss Journey: Ashley’s Story

This week, Romy and Michael talk with Ashley Olm, a former intern of Romy’s who is currently studying to be a doctor of physical therapy, about her weghtloss journey and the changes she’s made in her eating habits.

Ashley talks about her time working with Romy 2 years ago, and how that got her to change how she looked at her relationship with food and the changes she’s made to adjust to eating after her participation in competetive sports was over.

Ingredients for Life #47: Diets: What Works, What Doesn’t

Romy and Michael discuss the popular diet plans, what about them draws people in, and especially what works and what doesn’t.

The main thing they all have in common is that they adhere to starvation style techniques to help people achieve fast results, but aren’t sustainable over the long term.

They also talk about some of the best tactics for sustained, healthy weight loss.

Ingredients for Life #46: Rebuilding After Weightloss

First, Romy and Michael chat about lifestyle changes, keeping and sustaining them, especially when you’re out and about; and also about rebuilding muscle and strength after losing the fat.

Next, Romy reads an email from Nick about the tips he’s been able to successfully apply to his life and lifestyle.

Ingredients for Life #43: Tracking Your Progress

Lorrie joins Mike and Romy to give an update on her weight loss progress, and she admits to slacking in her food logging, so Romy gives some tips on how to get back into the habit of good, accurate food logging.