Ingredients for Life #87: Philosophy and Psychology of Fitness

This week, fitness trainer Cameron Bradford sits in for Romy!

Dave Yount, professor of philosophy at Mesa Community College, joins Cameron and Michael to talk about mindset and how it plays a role in desire, motivation, and goal-setting when it comes to diet and exercise.

Ingredients for Life #84: Food Choices, Tastes, and Cleanses

This week, Romy chats with Michael and Lorrie about their progress with completely eliminating processed foods from their diets, and Jeffrey calls in with an update on his eating habits in the face of long work hours and consistent cross-country travel.

Ingredients for Life #82: Michael’s Radical Diet Changes

This week, Romy evaluates Michael’s recent changes he’s had to make in his diet because of the adjustments he made while recuperating from his hernia surgery, and how much better he and Lorrie have been feeling after having eliminated soy, corn, and red meats from their diet entirely.

Ingredients for Life #80: Weightloss Journeys: Sheryl’s Story

Sheryl’s Story: Romy’s client Sheryl joins the show to talk about how she got started on her weightloss journey, and learning about how much she needed to change her eating habits to get the results she desired.

Ingredients for Life Video #7: Buying Organic


In this recent Arizona Midday segment, Romy talks with Destry Jetton about the benefits of buying organic whenever possible, especially when it comes to various produce items that may have higher pesticide residues on them.

Ingredients for Life #72: Body Perception, Clothing Sizes and Serving Sizes

This week, Romy and Michael talk about how it seems like more and more people are less and less aware of their true body size and body composition, and discuss several factors that might be influencing this shift.

Do men lie about their actual weight as frequently as women do?

Ingredients for Life #71: Timing Meals and Workouts

This week, Romy and Michael talk about how meal timing affects physical performance, and Romy grills Mike on his food logging absent-mindedness.

Romy gives some tips on what to eat and the best things to eat before a workout, and how to balance the proteins and carbs before and after to get the best results.

Ingredients for Life #65: The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Listener Questions: Christine, a former student of Romy’s, wants to know more about the “omnivore’s dilemma” and the difference in Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils in farm-raised fish, and wonders if quinoa is a complete plant protein.

Ingredients for Life #63: Starting Good Habits All Over Again

Romy and Michael talk about the different types of training and eating that can affect weight loss and body composition, and some ways to find out what works best for you and your goals.

Listener Questions: Jeffrey calls in to ask a question about falling out of the good habits he’d begun, and how to control stress-influenced eating.

Ingredients for Life #60: “Forks Over Knives” Documentary Discussion

Romy presents a review of the documentary Forks Over Knives, which focuses on the work and research of the China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Dr Caldwell Esselton, which supports whole food vegan diets that avoid all food products from animal proteins and dairy.