Ingredients for Life #80: Weightloss Journeys: Sheryl’s Story

Sheryl’s Story: Romy’s client Sheryl joins the show to talk about how she got started on her weightloss journey, and learning about how much she needed to change her eating habits to get the results she desired.

Ingredients for Life #59: Busting Healthy Eating Excuses

This week, Romy and Michael break down a popular excuse for not eating healthy. The “excuse” that people can’t eat healthy because they’re either too busy with kids, or because healthy foods are more expensive is one Romy hears quite frequently from clients.

This problem also extends to affecting families, because the bad eating habits are being unconsciously taught to the kids, setting up patterns that might affect them for the rest of their lives.

Ingredients For Life #49: Food and Family

Romy and Michael talk about how ultimately, you can really only prepare food and eat for yourself, and it’s okay if the entire family eats differently from each other. Everyone doesn’t eat the exact same foods when eating out at a restaurant, so expecting everyone to eat all same at home is counterintuitive.

Ingredients for Life #43: Tracking Your Progress

Lorrie joins Mike and Romy to give an update on her weight loss progress, and she admits to slacking in her food logging, so Romy gives some tips on how to get back into the habit of good, accurate food logging.

Ingredients for Life #38: Meals, Recipes and Ingredients

So, what health, nutrition and fitness topics do you, the listener want to talk about? Call the voicemail line, or email Romy and let her know?

In this episode, Romy and Michael go over the details of Mike’s continuing weight loss, the importance of nutrition and supplements and muscle building.

Ingredients for Life #27: The Dangers of “Trying”

Romy also talks about why using the word “try” sets you up to fail before you even get started, and both Mike and Romy talk about exercise equipment, andworking out at home vs working out outside or at a gym.

Ingredients for Life #26: Hormones and Health

Romy and Michael will take calls from listeners to answer questions! Today, Tory has questions about what supplements can be used for thyroid support, metabolic support, helping to clear toxins and more.

Ingredients for Life #22: Cheat Meals and Mindful Eating

In this episode, Romy, Michael and Lorrie talk about fitting cheat meals into your new eating habits, how important they can be, and how not to let a cheat meal slide into becoming a fall off the new eating lifestyle.

Ingredients for Life #20: Core Training

In this episode, Romy gives a few tips on core training, what muscle groups you need to train and why it’s important to properly train them.

Plus, Romy and Michael answer a few more listener questions!

Ingredients for Life #19: Listener Questions

In this episode, Romy touches on the importance of preserving lean muscle mass while losing fat, and how exercise helps mitigate the effects of stressors present in your life.

Plus, Romy and Michael respond to the many questions sent in by YOU, via emails and voicemails!