Ingredients for Life #8: Dr Oddveig Myhre, Part 2

In this episode, Romy continues with special guest Dr Oddveig Myhre, touching on the potential connection between food allergies and the blood-brain barrier, things that may be affecting the body’s natural methylation process, and the importance of locally grown organic foods and clean water.

Ingredients for Life #7: Dr Oddveig Myhre

Special guest Dr Oddveig Myhre stops by to talk about the importance of gut health, probiotics and what factors can adversely affect your gut health.

Dr O is a doctor of naturopathic medicine, specializing in chronic and autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue.

Ingredients for Life #6: Dr Judith Ingalls, Part 2

In continuing the conversation from last week, Dr Judith Ingalls talks about how hard it is to eat high quality food all the time, and the need for supplements to make up for the difference.

They also discuss determining one’s ideal weight, how muscle mass skews the height/weight charts, and how hormones can affect weight loss or the amount of work needed to achieve the weight goals you might be working towards.

Ingredients for Life #5: Dr Judith Ingalls

In this episode, Romy and Michael talk about overcoming the frustration of the plateau, and the long-term benefits of a slower weight loss regimen.

Also, special guest Dr Judith Ingalls visits to talk about hormones and how they can affect us as we age, including making weight loss harder.

Ingredients for Life #4: Sustaining Doesn’t Mean Overnight

In this episode, Romy, Michael and Jeffrey talk about how seasonal changes can affect your mindset towards healthy eating and fitness routines.

Don’t expect yourself to undo years or decades of bad eating and/or exercise habits in a week or two, but you don’t have to beat yourself up for slipping up every now and again. It takes time to fully incorporate new habits, and there’s no reason to get discouraged or frustrated after hitting a “plateau”.

Ingredients for Life #3: Environmental Influences on Habits

In this episode, Romy and Michael talk about a 2007 study that say that the odds of becoming overweight increase when your friends start becoming overweight, and some of the reasons that might influence that pattern.

Romy also reveals how she incorporates socializing with her friends and working out at the gym, and how surrounding yourself with people who reflect the lifestyle you want to live will help support and encourage the changes you want to make.

Ingredients For Life #2: Changing Those Habits

In this episode, Romy talks with Michael and Jeffrey about the effects of stimulants (coffee and caffeine) on the body and on maintaining weight and fitness levels, and other eating and exercise habits that people try to change and sometimes aren’t successful accomplishing.

Being in the moment is making the change in that moment. Modifying your behavior comes down to taking an extra moment and making a conscious choice to not eat that extra piece of pizza, or that pint of ice cream, or that extra large order of fries.

Ingredients For Life #1: How Weight Loss/Weight Gain Works

In this episode, Romy explains what a pound of fat is, and what to expect during the weight loss process, because the goal is to lose fat, not lose muscle.

The best way to make your body burn fat more efficiently is to graze all day long (eating 5-6 smaller meals rather than 3 “square” meals per day), and increase your muscle mass. More muscle burns more calories, even when resting, and an increased metabolism avoids the highs and drops in energy, instead giving you a constant higher level of energy all day long.

Ingredients for Life #0: Holiday Weight Gain

In this episode, Romy talks about holiday weight gain, and the self-sabotage that typically accompanies “resolutions” to lose weight.

The best way to make lasting positive change, in both eating habits and exercise habits, is to acknowledge where the first step is, and pick an action goal that is reasonable, rather than aggressive one that makes it easy for someone to give up on.