Ingredients for Life #67: Talking Probiotics and Dairy

Listener Questions: Christine from MI asks how milk and cheese can fit into a healthy diet, which leads to a discussion on whether or not cheese can be addictive.

Ingredients for Life #66: Road-Testing Coconut Water

Listener Questions: C.H. reports that she loves the 5 small meals per day and the changes she’s seeing, and she asks Romy’s opinion on the benefits of coconut water; how much damage does microwaving really do to food and veggies; and if the rule of thumb is for protein consumption really is half your bodyweight in grams.

Ingredients for Life #65: The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Listener Questions: Christine, a former student of Romy’s, wants to know more about the “omnivore’s dilemma” and the difference in Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils in farm-raised fish, and wonders if quinoa is a complete plant protein.

Ingredients for Life #64: Tracking Food and Exercise

Romy explains what information needs to go on a food log to be able to effectively adjust your eating habits to get the best results.

Listener Questions: Mike from Minnesota calls in to ask if perhaps our “bad” food habits might stem from societal changes, from back when most people were working more physically demanding jobs.

Ingredients for Life #63: Starting Good Habits All Over Again

Romy and Michael talk about the different types of training and eating that can affect weight loss and body composition, and some ways to find out what works best for you and your goals.

Listener Questions: Jeffrey calls in to ask a question about falling out of the good habits he’d begun, and how to control stress-influenced eating.

Ingredients for Life #62: Food and Fitness Resources

Romy then outlines the challenges facing people when trying to lose fat, since height, weight and metabolism will cause different people to lose different amounts doing the same amount of exercise.

Romy talks about the ebook edition of her book Be Lean!, which will be available for Kindle and ePub soon!

Next, Romy talks about the “dirty dozen” fruits and vegetables that have the highest concentrations of pesticide residues — the ones you should try hardest to buy organic whenever possible — and the “clean 15” produce foods, the ones that have the least amount of residue on them.

Ingredients for Life #61: Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids

Romy and Michael talk about the importance of omega-3s and essential fatty acids (found in fish oils) in particular, regarding joint health, brain health, diabetes prevention and basically any inflammatory conditions. They also talk a little about about the connection between toxins in foods and cancers.

Ingredients for Life #60: “Forks Over Knives” Documentary Discussion

Romy presents a review of the documentary Forks Over Knives, which focuses on the work and research of the China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Dr Caldwell Esselton, which supports whole food vegan diets that avoid all food products from animal proteins and dairy.

Ingredients for Life #59: Busting Healthy Eating Excuses

This week, Romy and Michael break down a popular excuse for not eating healthy. The “excuse” that people can’t eat healthy because they’re either too busy with kids, or because healthy foods are more expensive is one Romy hears quite frequently from clients.

This problem also extends to affecting families, because the bad eating habits are being unconsciously taught to the kids, setting up patterns that might affect them for the rest of their lives.

Ingredients for Life #58: There’s Something About Sugar

Romy and Michael were impressed by a lecture/talk about sugar and how it affects diet and health given by Dr Robert Lustig, how it’s the fructose that is causing the increases in body fat, causing insulin resistance and other symptoms.

His information and research indicates that sugar is an addictive substance, and that the food industry should start to treat it more seriously, just like an addiction to alcohol because it meets the four criteria: bingeing, craving, withdrawal and cross-sensitization.