Change Your Shape: One Pound at a Time

“How do I get rid of this?!” I am asked this question by clients several times a week, as they grab their abdomen, thighs, hips or upper arms with intense frustration. You cannot spot reduce. However, if you create a calorie deficit by using exercise and proper nutrition, you will lose body fat from wherever […]

Accountability for Your New Lifestyle Change

The most important step to make meaningful lifestyle changes is true accountability. This may be achieved through setting action goals.  Below is a simple worksheet you may use to stay accountable until your lifestyle changes are fixed: DESIGN YOUR “BE LEAN” ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM CHECK ONLY THOSE BOXES FOR THE ACTIONS YOU ARE COMMITTING TO: Weekly […]

Why You Don’t Need to ‘Diet’

The most challenging aspect of weight management is helping people truly understand that life-long weight loss is a lifestyle you live everyday. It’s my job to motivate people to realize they can change their relationship with food and forever leave behind the ‘diet mentality’. There is no need to ‘diet’! If you want to lose […]