Healthy Halloween!

Planning on indulging in candy on Halloween? Make that night count as one of your two (2) “cheat meals” for the week. Do not let a bit of candy turn into a week (or two) binge that results in your missing out on your usually healthy meal pattern.

“Chews” to Succeed!

Only you can stop the tide of choosing to fail.

Awareness of self-sabotage isn’t easy. Yet, it’s the most important step to success in any lifestyle change you are seeking.

Romy’s Top Ten Tips for “BE LEAN” Success

How to drop the inches and keep them off — forever!

Romy Recommends: Nutrition Bars

Romy prefers nutrition and protein bars that do not contain gluten or soy, so here’s a list of products that she recommends for her clients and uses for her own nutritional needs.


I often tell my clients that it took me three years of eating this way as a lifestyle change before really knew I had it. After reading Gladwell’s book, I did the math. During three years of ‘undoing’ my old habits and relationship with food, by ‘practicing’ how to cook, plan and organize my life around healthy habits, around 5-6 small meals a day, it added up to about 10,000 hours!

Why Exercise Alone Won’t Cut It

Most people do not want to deal with the fact that that almost all of us as some time or other eats for reasons other than to properly fuel and nourish our bodies. People eat for many reasons, ranging from boredom, loneliness and stress to pleasing others at social gatherings.

Making the Most of Your Metabolism

Rarely does anyone focus on the fact that the vast majority of the calories we burn each day are burned just to maintain basic body functions. Not knowing this vital piece of information results in people deluding themselves that starving to lose weight will be effective long-term… it’s not!

Why Gluten Free May Set You Free!

If you are gluten intolerant, the most obvious way to discover it is to remove gluten-containing (usually wheat) products from your diet. You may notice surprising improvements in your health, some which do not relate to the digestive system. You may notice an improvement in mental clarity, reduced mood swings and/or improved energy. You may be able to finally lose weight and keep it off. Perhaps you experience freedom from sinus problems and allergies. Some people report improved blood sugar control and a reduction of joint pain.

Fabulous Fats for a Healthy Heart and Mind!

The heart is not simply the muscular organ responsible for pumping blood throughout the body. In everything from great literature to everyday speech, the heart is often synonymous with feelings, the very opposite of thought, generated by another organ: the brain.

We know that thoughts and feelings affect our health. However, many people don’t realize there is a strong nutritional link to both feelings and mood.

The Power of Protein: Use it to Lean Out!

You can beat the vicious cycle of weight loss and regain in one simple step: consistently add more lean protein to your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, it’s still vital to eat 5-6 small meals a day because frequent, portion controlled eating reduces blood sugar and hunger.