Ingredients for Life #82: Michael’s Radical Diet Changes

This week, Romy evaluates Michael’s recent changes he’s had to make in his diet because of the adjustments he made while recuperating from his hernia surgery, and how much better he and Lorrie have been feeling after having eliminated soy, corn, and red meats from their diet entirely.

While he was laid up, he had the time to catch up on watching many of the documentaries they’d talked about over the past year, and he realized that he needed to make some more changes to take full advantage of the other lifestyle changes he’s made over the past two years.

Michael also talks about the disconnect he’s been experiencing with the vegetarian/vegan food choices, especially with the health issues that can be related to the over-procesed pre-packaged vegetarian foods compared to the raw, whole foods that people are really moving to for healthier eating and living.

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Romy Nelson is a registered dietetic technician and personal trainer, and this show is about helping people find their path to health and fitness. She specializes in corporate wellness programs to help businesses keep their employees healthy, which helps improves workplace morale and productivity.


  1. Mike- about pine nuts- Try putting them in skillet over med or med low heat (hotter is faster put you have to watch- burning is quicker), stirring until browned w/ nutty aroma. I think they’re great when toasted like this, especially added to rice.

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