Healthy Halloween!


1. Planning on indulging in candy on Halloween? Make that night count as one of your two (2) “cheat meals” for the week. Do not let a bit of candy turn into a week (or two) binge that results in your missing out on your usually healthy meal pattern.

Remember, healthy eating is a lifestyle; it’s what you eat, how much you eat and when you eat 85% of the time. Planning a “cheat meal” is not “going off” your healthy lifestyle. Rather, it’s planning ahead to make the most of the two (2) meals per week (not days or weeks on end) when you are not “eating clean”.

2. Buy candy you are not fond of eating. Pick one you won’t be interested in eating while you are giving out candy — or if there are leftovers.

3. Choose a healthier alternative to “Status Quo” Halloween Candy!

When you think of healthier alternatives to Halloween Candy, apples come to mind. This works well if you are having a party for the kids. However, apples usually won’t work for trick-or-treaters cruising around the neighborhood. Parents often won’t allow their children to eat un-wrapped foods from strangers, and I don’t blame them.

Check out what we’ll be handing out this Halloween: 100-calorie snack-size bags of Pop Chips! It’s a great alternative for parents and children who want a lower-calorie, low-sugar option for trick-or-treaters.

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Owner and operator of Essential Fitness, Inc., Romy is a nutritionist, media consultant and author. Her main goal is to teach individuals how to make long-term lifestyle changes, and break free from unhealthy eating patterns and the cycle of yo-yo dieting

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