Ingredients for Life #78: Paleo Diet Progress Report

This week, Ashley calls Romy and Michael with an update on how her Paleo Diet 30-day trial went.

Ashley talks about what foods she had to eliminate from her diet to stick with the Paleo program, and shares her observations on what physical and emotional changes she’s noticed during the shift in what she’s eating.

Discussion: Romy and Ashley talk more about some of the changes that cutting back on or eliminating some foods have had, and about Ashley’s plans to continue on a modified plan.

The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf
Everyday Paleo cookbook by Sarah Fragoso

The Paleo Solution book and podcast
Everyday Paleo Recipes and Podcast

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Romy Nelson is a registered dietetic technician and personal trainer, and this show is about helping people find their path to health and fitness. She specializes in corporate wellness programs to help businesses keep their employees healthy, which helps improves workplace morale and productivity.

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