Ingredients for Life #58: There’s Something About Sugar

This week, Michael and Lorrie surprise Romy with their new, stepped up exercise frequencies, and the choices and changes that led to that increase.

There’s Something About Sugar: Romy and Michael were impressed by a lecture/talk about sugar and how it affects diet and health given by Dr Robert Lustig, how it’s the fructose that is causing the increases in body fat, causing insulin resistance and other symptoms.

His information and research indicates that sugar is an addictive substance, and that the food industry should start to treat it more seriously, just like an addiction to alcohol because it meets the four criteria: bingeing, craving, withdrawal and cross-sensitization.

NPR interview with Dr Robert Lustig:
KQED Radio: Forum with Michael Krasny: Sugar and Health

“Sugar: The Bitter Truth” [YouTube]:

Listener Emails: Grace wants to know what Romy thinks about the various home delivery diet programs and meal plans as a short-term solution to jump start a weight loss program.

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Romy Nelson is a registered dietetic technician and personal trainer, and this show is about helping people find their path to health and fitness. She specializes in corporate wellness programs to help businesses keep their employees healthy, which helps improves workplace morale and productivity.

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