Romy Recommends: Nutrition Bars

The bars that Romy prefers and recommends to her clients and listeners are:

None of these contain gluten or soy, which is why these are tops on her list of recommended bars.

About Romy Nelson
Owner and operator of Essential Fitness, Inc., Romy is a nutritionist, media consultant and author. Her main goal is to teach individuals how to make long-term lifestyle changes, and break free from unhealthy eating patterns and the cycle of yo-yo dieting


  1. Since starting my weight loss adventure, I have used only Cliff C and Lara Bars. While these are “clean”, they never filled me up or made me feel satisfied. I was reluctant to try the Zing Bars because they are more expensive and I had to wait on shipping etc. Let me tell you, these are fabulous. They are worth the price. I LOVE the Blueberry Almond and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. I feel full after eating these without feeling bloated. They are so tasty. Thanks so much for the podcast and the wonderful suggestions.

  2. Trixie K says:

    Couldn’t agree more about the Zing bars. I have to order them online as they are not stocked in any stores in my part of the country. I love the Blueberry Almond also and yes, I too feel full after I eat them. Yea! Romy, thanks for telling us about these.

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